Apple Marketing Senior Vice President, Philip Schiller has reportedly deleted his Instagram account post the developers came up with an Android application. However, according to a reply in an email from Philip, he clearly said that there are variety of reasons why he decided to quit using Instagram any further. One of them is the lack of small community which used to share their photographs on the servers. Due to which the user experience has been completely changed. It’s not the same that he had experience before.

Also, Philip Schiller added in the email that the sole reason is the signal to noise ratio lately. The whole of the debate started when @pschiller DM’d over twitter that Instagram “jumped the shark” when it went to Android. It clearly shows that Philip Schiller was not happy with the developers to pull an application for Android as well. Perhaps, he felt that it was not necessary at all when the application was doing exceptionally well on App Store. Many times, it had won the recognition of “app of the year”. 

Moreover, Facebook acquisition of Instagram doesn’t seem to be one of the reason which led him to take this step. What do you think about it? Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section.

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