Some More Progress On iOS 5.1 Untethered JailBreak From Pod2G, Release Seems Imminent

Pod2G seems to have resolved issues with ASLR which he had come across earlier. Today, he tweeted about his progress in bringing iOS 5.1 untethered JailBreak for new devices. Now, Pod2G has taken a step forward to ROP the payload. Hopefully, everything would end up soon and we would have a working iOS 5.1 untethered JailBreak running on all of the devices including the new iPad.

However, there are several exploits among the iOS hackers, but they would most probably use one of them. Also, i0n1c after the criticism on twitter could have decided to back off in the JailBreak scene. He surely has his own perceptions about how people use JailBreak to earn money. Anyways, Pod2G is actively working to make things possible once again. However, there’s no news on ETA of the release.

If you have updated to iOS 5.1 accidentally, all you need to do is to wait until Pod2G releases the JailBreak. You would be able to rejoice your JailBreaking days yet again. This continuous progress by the iOS hacker makes the release imminent in future. Are you waiting for it? Let’s know in the comment section.