iCleaner via Cydia Cleans All Junk From A JailBroken iPhone And Free Up Space

If you use a JailBroken iPhone and have faced issues with the available space, iCleaner via Cydia is meant for you. It cleans all of the junk from your iPhone including the temporary files, cache, application folders, partially installed files etc which are of no importance. These things occupies unwanted space on iPhone, due to which you are not able to utilize it completely.

In many cases, iCleaner would free up space up to many Megabytes. But for many people, it had cleared Gigabytes of space as well. So, if you are short of space and want your iPhone to have couple of songs or application, this application shouldn’t be missed. When iCleaner would start the cleaning process, it would ask you at each step whether you want to clean the specific junk or not. If you choose ‘No’, the respective thing would remain as such.

You don’t need to add any repository if you want to install iCleaner from Cydia. It’s available under Bigboss repository for free which is being added by default after the JailBreak. We have tried the application by ourselves and cleared couple of megabytes to engulf more songs and application into our iDevices. We can say that this application is really handy. You should also give it a try.

Let’s know if you were able to free up some space from your iPhone in the comment section. We would like to hear from you.

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