New iPad is Launched in India, People in Chandigarh Visited Stores To Buy The Tablet [Photos]

After the wait of more than 3 weeks, when new iPad is launched India. We didn’t see queues outside the stores to buy the new iPad. But people surely visited stores in Chandigarh on the very first day to get their next generation tablet. Everyone knows that the new iPad is not a revamp in terms of design. In fact, it is a tad heavy and thicker from edges. Though the retina display,  quad core graphics, bump in rear camera are enough reasons for an Apple lover to buy the tablet.

Here’s the gallery of some of the people from Chandigarh who bought the new iPad early from the Stores. Like previous year, stores at Chandigarh didn’t offer bouquets, but it seems that only new iPad was enough to rejoice the moment. Checkout the photos below – 

Have you bought one for yourself as well? Let’s know about your experience till now in the comment section.

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