Sparrow+ Lets You Enable Push Notifications & Make Sparrow For iPhone Default Application [Cydia]

Considering the popularity of Sparrow for Mac, it was assumed that Sparrow for iPhone would get the same hype. Unfortunately, the application missed one of the basic feature which is push notifications. It was a major let down for many people which restricted them to invest $2.99 into the application. But if you want to enable the functionality and make it as default application for mail, Sparrow+ exactly lets you do that.

Sparrow for iPhone has a really impressive user interface. At first, it felt like a deck of cards for me. In fact, Sparrow+ could be the only reason for you to JailBreak your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. Once you have installed the tweak and enabled it from, tap on the contact to test if it’s working or not. It means whenever you would receive a mail, sliding it would let you invoke the sparrow application instead of the native mail application.

It doesn’t open the mail sheet like in Cydia, but inject to open Sparrow for iPhone. Sparrow+ is not bundled with Sparrow for iPhone, so you would need to download both of them separately. Sparrow+ is available for free under BigBoss repository in Cydia. This tweak truly enhances the capability of Sparrow and makes it a must have application in the App Store.

Do try and let’s know your thoughts in the comment section.


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