iPhone 5 Could Be Thinner And Longer, May Introduce New Dock Connector

The rumors about the new iPhone have gone viral from sometime. Today, we have another one for you. According to iLounge sources, iPhone 5 would be thinner and longer than iPhone 4/4S. The approximate measurements are assumed to be a reduction of 2mm in thickness and a 10mm jump in height. Also, the sources said that Apple would make a change in the rear panel of the iPhone 5 which currently have an alloy of glass covered on polycarbonate shell.

As per them, Apple would neither use a complete liquid metal nor a ceramic material on the back. Perhaps, it would include a metal in the central back, only covering the middle portion and excluding the top and the bottom. To illustrate the same, their artist’s rendition provided a design which shows how the iPhone 5 would look like after these modifications, so that you could have a rough idea about it. In addition to it, they predicted that the next iPhone would have a 4 inch screen. Hence, it would lead in a whole different aspect ratio.

Undoubtedly, Apple is known for adoption of new technology. Therefore let’s not forget the Gorilla Glass 2 which could see its implementation in the upcoming iPhone. The noticeable difference might  be the change in the 30 pin dock connector. iLounge believe that the port of new dock connector at the bottom would be a tad larger from the speakers or microphone hole in iPhone 4/4S. Once Apple introduces these new features in iPhone 5, there’s no doubt that other iDevices would reflect the changes as well.

For nomenclature, iLoung expects that the iPhone 5 would be called new iPhone. What are your thoughts on it? Let’s know in the comment section.

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