Samsung announces the Galaxy S3 (SIII), Next-gen Smartphone?

The new Samsung Galaxy S3, successor of the series that has had the world lusting after it since ages now, was unveiled amongst much brouhaha on May 3rd, 2012 in Earl’s Court, London. Touted to give iPhone users a run for their money, the phone was also compared to HTC’s One X, but has already created an indelible identity of its own since its first look was released.

A razor-sharp look at some new features: the Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with a package of simply fab features, that have taken technology to new heights.

The device runs on Android 4.0 ICS, and is powered by a quad-core engine, qualifying it as ‘superphone’ as it has been tagged by several notable techies.

Armed with a 4.8″ almost gigantic AMOLED screen (carrying forward the legacy of its ancestor model the Samsung Galaxy S2), the phone may look like it’s on the heavier side. On the contrary, it weighs just 133 gms, and feels extremely light when held. It also comes with a Smart Stay feature, where the phone tracks the eye movement and dims (or locks) the screen only if the eyes are off the screen.


Other spanking new notable features include the S Voice, a Siri clone and S Beam (somewhat like the Android beam, with the difference that it allows only S3 devices to transfer up to 50GB of data at really fast speeds of up to 300MBps).

The phone comes with a 50GB cloud storage from Dropbox, valid for two years, which is comparable with the Dropbox storage that comes with HTC’s One X (marginally half of this figure).

The plastic back is a turn-off, as it was expected that the phone would be released in an all-metal avatar to go with its lean and mean image, and complement its brilliant features. Also, though Samsung has put in a lot of sweat to come up with a 1.9 MP front camera, it offers just an 8MP rear end camera, which could have been a little more (though there is definitely no compromise on the camera quality).

The official date for release in India has not been announced yet.