iOS 5.1 Untethered JailBreak Running On New iPad is Demonstrated in A Video, Weeks Away From Release

Since the day many iOS hackers have come up with their own exploits, it is quite known that only Pod2G would come up with a public release of iOS 5.1 untethered JailBreak. Perhaps, the JailBreak would have been released already if @i0n1c wouldn’t have stood against iOS hacking community. Anyways, good days seems to be back for JailBreakers yet again. Checkout the video posted by Pod2G on his personal blog.


In the video, Pod2G has finally got iOS 5.1 untethered JailBreak running on new iPad. However, he has not revealed about the exploit, but it seems that it’s definitely not related to bootrom in anyway. It’s due to the fact that new iPad runs on A5X processor which is only device at the moment whereas others runs either on A5 or A4. iOS hacker also informed that he would begin testing the same on iOS 5.1.1, after stabilizing the payload. 

Plus, he won’t release the JailBreak for beta testing at all. This decision from his side must be to avoid any kind of leak before everything is settled down. The news about the release in ‘weeks’ came from him, once he figured out a way to make a user friendly tool which is as intuitive to use as Redsn0w or Absinthe. We will keep you updated about the progress of iOS 5.1 or iOS 5.1.1 untethered Jailbreak  in coming days.

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