New iPad Wifi+4G is Now Called Wifi+Cellular, Apple Changes Branding All Over The World

From sometime, Apple had been facing accusation about misleading their customers about the branding of new iPad with Wifi + 4G LTE when 4G is supported in limited countries. Now, Apple has changed the branding all over the world, calling their new iPad Wifi + 4G as Wifi + Cellular. At first, the change was reflected at Apple Store in US, but then it also prevailed on the official Apple website.

In countries like India where 3G has not been completely rolled out, Apple has been branding their new iPad as Wifi + 4G. However, even the 4G which has recently been rolled out in cities like Kolkata doesn’t support the BaseBand. Hence, it can’t work on the new iPad. On the other hand, when you checkout the press release from Apple, it was clearly mentioned through the two stars (**) near the 4G symbol that 4G would be supported in countries where carriers provides the service. Otherwise, the new iPad is 3G ready on the existing micro-sim cards.

In Australia, Apple had in fact offered refund to customers who were under the impression that the new iPad would support 4G or high speed internet. Are you satisfied with this change? Let’s know your thought in the comment section. We would like to hear from you.