Next Generation iPod Touch Panels Reportedly Leaked By Supplier, Hints At 4.1 inch Display

When Apple released the first iPhone in 2007, it featured a 3.5 inch display. Undoubtedly, even that screen size would have felt a tad bigger for many people. But now, it seems that to catch up with the competition, it’s time for Apple to move on and extend the display even further. While we have a dispute over the 4.0 inch display of iPhone, iPod touch panels have been reportedly leaked by the supplier.

If you look at these iPod touch panels, you would realize that Apple has also decided to expand the size of iPod touch screen. These touch panels measure 4.1 inch diagonally. Hence, there’s a probability that Apple would also move from the historical 3.5 inch size of the Retina display to 4.1 inch in upcoming iPhone. In addition to it, several other parts for the next iPhone have been leaked by the supplier such as button flex cable, rear and front facing cameras.

These parts have been marked for verification. Therefore, the supplier might confirm the credibility of these parts later. Also, WSJ sources earlier reported that the screen in next generation iPhone would be at least 4.0 inch. Although it may feel a bit awkward for many people to hold smartphone with 4.0 inch screen in one hand comfortably, Apple could have figured out a way to do it as well.

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