Microsoft Office For iOS Rumored To Launch In November

This has to be one of the longest running rumor regarding any iOS app. Microsoft’s App for its Office Suite for iOS has been under covers for a long time. It was The Daily which first put up a picture of MS Office running on an iPad. However Microsoft was quick to deny any such app. The Daily still held on its ground and claimed that Microsoft employee themselves demoed the app.

Today, adding fuel to the fire, Jonathan Gellar from BGR published a report quoting ‘a reliable source’ that Ms Office for iOS has a high possibility of a November release. The app will be made for both iPhone and iPad and not only iPad as earlier believed. According to him the app resembles the one showed by The Daily. He also hinted a simultaneous Android version.

Microsoft is really keeping it close to its chest and only time can tell if Ms Office ever does come to iOS. But with the increasing penetration of iPad in the corporate houses it really seems plausible. Let us know your take on this in the comment section about the ‘Office for iOS’

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