Facebook Hires More Than Half Dozen Apple Engineers, Building A Facebook Phone?

Undoubtedly, the rumors about a Facebook phone has been here from quite sometime. And according to the report of NYTimes lately, this is yet another attempt from Facebook to build their own phone. We all know that Facebook acquired instagram for Billion dollars, after which they released their first camera application instantly with the implementation. They also have their own application store and several other applications for both iOS and Android such as Messenger, Pages etc.

Facebook has now reportedly hired more than half dozen of Apple Engineers to build their own phone which is set to release for next year. When these rumors of Facebook phone started, Techcrunch reported that Facebook had plans to release a Facebook phone soon, but all of their plans were crumbled when they realized that building the software and hardware is not easy. One has to have a lot of experience in this field. Also, AllThingsD said that Facebook and HTC have gone under a partnership to create a smartphone codenamed “Buffy” which is still in works.

Even though HTC came out with couple of smartphone which showed a dedicated Facebook button for quick access to the social networking site. But none has been a success till now. Since Facebook has realized the need in building a smartphone of their own and the importance of optimizing software and hardware together, they could have hired these Apple engineers who have worked on iPhone in one or other away and left the company afterwards.

In fact, one Apple engineers was questioned by the Mark Zuckerberg on how to make inners of a smartphone. The Apple engineer said that the curiosity didn’t sound like intellectual details. Hence, it’s pretty much clear from these recruitments that Facebook is definitely trying to build a smartphone which would feature their own integrated hardware and software. If not iPhone, Facebook phone might compete with the low cost Android smartphone which are capturing the marketshare rapidly.

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