iPad 1 Prototype Sold On Ebay For $10,000

The iPad prototype which was put on ebay by someone for the selling purpose has finally been sold for $10,000. This act of selling Apple prototypes on ebay is generally very common. Many prototypes of iPhone and Macbook have occurred previously which were sold for more than the recent value of these devices. At the last moment, Apple had decided to change the design of these devices. Due to which they never made into the market.

Unlike the iPad we use, this iPad had two dock connectors. That means you could charge the iPad from one dock and keep it connected to PC/Mac from another dock at the same time. However, we now have Wifi sync which has minimized the need of two dock connectors, but Apple had already thought of the idea in another way when we didn’t had the functionality. Also, this iPad prototype has another kind of software called Switchboard. It’s entirely different from the usual iOS firmware from Apple.

The sole reason for installing this switchboard was to test out the basic performance of the device. You could checkout several option on the screen like sound ware, Skankphone, Rumple, Grapecal etc. The bidding for this iPad 1 prototype on ebay began from $4,800 and ended up at $10,200, declaring the owner of this device. In total, 23 bid were done for the prototype before it’s sold. The item was placed at Carteret, New Jersey, United States.

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