Install0us 5 is Now Available For Download via Cydia, Added BitTorrent Support

Some people tend to JailBreak their iDevices, not because they use tweaks and other third party applications which are not available in App Store. Instead, they want to download and install paid apps for free on their devices. But once you have installed those applications, there’s no way to update from the device itself. However, you can always do the same from iTunes. To solve this issue, Install0us via Cydia is used as an alternative to App Store for pirated applications.

Recently, Install0us has received a major update and now called – ‘Install0us 5’. Although Install0us 5 doesn’t give you an overhaul of the UI, but you would see many changes while using the application. However, now you can download from Bittorrent from the available links. Earlier, it was not possible through Install0us 4.0. In fact, we never saw any links from the torrent on Install0us. But after this update, we expect to see plenty of links from the torrent as well.

In addition to it, Install0us adds support for iOS 5 notification. So next time if there’s any update for any of the application you had downloaded using Install0us 5.0, you would be notified whenever the next update hits the app. We found it a lot smoother and faster in comparison to previous version. Therefore, we recommend it on the top of Install0us 4 if you had been facing any issues. Also, it includes better file host compatibility, bug fixes and optimizations.

To download Install0us 5, go to Cydia>Sources>Edit>Add source> Search and install it once all the repositories have been updated.

PS: The purpose behind writing this post is not to provoke piracy. We, ourselves download applications from the App Store and suggests you to support the developers by purchasing them.