Foursquare For iPhone Has Undergone A Major Redesign, Update Now!

People who are addicted to tell others where are they at specific intervals generally have Foursquare installed on their devices and  they use it to post the updates over Twitter or Facebook through the interconnection. Today, Foursquare for iPhone has undergone a complete revamp in design where all of the things including the icon and entire layout of the application differ from the previous version.

If you had been using the Foursquare already, just go to App Store>Updates and update the application to the latest version which is ‘5.0’. Those who are new to it could download it from the App Store for free. Unlike the previous version, we have now three tabs at the bottom labelled as Friends, Explore and your own Profile. You can now checkin directly from the Friends tab and explore the places which your friends have visited from the explore tab. 

The application now gives more of grayish look to UI elements. According to Foursquare, there are over 20 million people who use the application. We have tried the application already and found the changes refreshing and less cluttered. Have you tried the application yet? Let’s know what do you think the comment section.

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