iPhone wears smartphone crown, with 38% switching from Android, BlackBerry

The Apple iPhone, once again, has shown the world that it’s the boss around here. A new survey by the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners has revealed that 38% of smartphone users have shifted priorities from their Android and Blackberry devices, and have embraced the iPhone. This comes as a surprising statistic, considering BlackBerry and Android based smartphones occupy a lower price band than the mega expensive iPhone. This also shows that the switch to iPhones has gone up by 29% since the last survey of the same kind.

This survey, conducted in April 2012, had a sample size of 7348 US subjects, from which 521 qualified to provide response.

iPhone wears smartphone crown

Other revelations in the survey included that 73% of iPhone buyers have chosen to go with the iPhone 4S. Though it gathered flak for its huge price, the phone seems to be a favourite among the junta. Capacity wise, the iPhone 4S has managed to please its customers the most with its 16GB version, with 50% of iPhone buyers opting for the least capacity. 32% have chosen the 32GB version, and the rest of the people have managed to lay their hands on the 64GB version.

The iPhone 4 seems to be the second favourite with iPhone buyers, and the iPhone 3G seems to have a dismal impact, with only 5% of sales in its favour.

And so, with so many As in its report card, the iPhone looks like it has a chest swollen with pride. Will it be able to maintain its spot up there? Lets wait and watch!

Source: AppleInsider

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