WWDC 2012: iPhoneHelp Roundup of All You Can Expect – iOS6, Mountain Lion, New Macbook Pros

The day has finally dawned upon us and we are all eagerly awaiting Apple CEO, Tim Cook to come up on stage and unleash Apple awesomeness. Many rumors have come up and there have been some sure shot news about latest products as well. So we at iPhonehelp believe this the best time to do a round-up of all WWDC related news that we have been covering for the past few months. We will be fragmenting the story in different categories so that you know what to expect from the years most awaited event with respect to iOS, Mac OS X, iCloud, Apple TV and the Macbook Pro.

iOS 6

iOS 6 is the next major update to the iOS doing service in iPhone,iPod touch and iPad which is expected to release along with the iPhone 5 in fall. The current version iOS 5 which was released in mid 2007 brought about a whole lot of changes to the iOS and gave us many new features such as iMessages, iCloud, Twitter integration, NewsStand and NotificationCentre and much more. So will iOS 6 matchup iOS 5 in the new features list. We don’t think so. iOS 6 will be more of a refinement to the world’s most advanced and user-friendly smartphone and tablet OS. So what do we have in store :

New 3D Maps – Apple is saying adios to Google Maps and coming up with its own version of the navigation app. The app will be using the 3D rendering with the help of the technology Apple got when it acquired C3 Technology.

Facebook Integration – iOS 5 gave us system-level Twitter integration. Now its the turn of Facebook. As we reported the integration would include Twitter-like sign-in and content-sharing especially in the photos application. We also reported that Facebook will be used by Apple to alleviate some of the App Store application discoverability issues: the popular Facebook “like” buttons will come to the iOS App Store on iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. The Facebook liking will become part of a string of new iTunes, App Store, and iBookstore features in iOS 6.

Priority Settings and iCloud tabs – the new Mac OS Mountain Lion includes priority VIP mail, a way to quickly enable and disable notification banners and alerts; and, a cool new function called iCloud Tabs, an iCloud feature that syncs a list of tabs running on Mac Safari and iOS Safari between Macs, iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches. These three new Mountain Lion features will see life in iOS 6 when it launches this fall.

Siri Comes to iPad – When Apple debuted its voice assistant Siri in the iPhone 4s, it became the rage. No other smartphone maker has been able to match up with Siri. So it was only time when it made its debut in the iPad. And this happens with the release of iOS 6.

With an all-new 3D Maps app, improvements and tweaks across the operating-system, and Siri for iPad, iOS 6 is a major update to Apple’s mobile platform, but is not the overhaul that came with iOS 5.

Apple Tv Apps

Apple launched the refreshed Apple TV in March this year and now just before the WWDC BGR reports that Apple will be launching an Apple TV application SDK. The same website also reported that Apple will give us a demo of the rumored OS which would power the supposedly fall-debuting Apple TV. But no hardware related information was given. Though Apple might come up with the SDK but an all new Apple TV OS might not see the light of the day tomorrow.

User Tracking Tools for iOS Developers

WSJ reports  that Apple might be coming out with a new tracking system which lets devs keep tabs on their app usage. This will help them to create better apps and also regulate the advertisement. But unlike the UDID-based tracking this tool will have better security credentials.

iCloud Updates

Apple will also be updating its iCloud services. It will be coming out with a beta version of the service for developers which includes a new iCloud website and Notes and Reminder web app. WSJ also reported that Apple will also be developing photo-sharing with social elements in its PhotoStream feature. They are also said to be working on a video synchronization feature to share videos between the iDevice and Macs similar to PhotoStream.

 Mountain Lion 

Apple is surely gonna be spending time on the new version of OS X Mountain Lion before they announce the release date and price.  the latest avatar for the worlds most advanced and secure OS will have s slew of new features some of which have been borrowed from the iOS – Notification Center, Game Center,GateKeeper,AirPlay Mirroring, enhanced China Support and much more. We had also reported that Apple might bring voice dictation to Mac and there is rumor that Apple might incorporate its to be debuted Maps app as well.

Macbook Pro Upgrade

With the iPhone launch event shifted to fall, WWDC has now remained a software launch event. But this year might be an exception with Apple expected to unveil its refreshed Macbook line-up. We had reported earlier that  new MacBook Pro will include a thinner design, a high-resolution “Retina Display,” and USB 3.0 connectivity. In terms of the thinner design, it will not be MacBook Air thin or tapered like previously reported by other news sources.

Let us know your expectation from the Cupertino Giant’s most eagerly awaited event in the comments section.

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