Is Navigation On Apple Maps Working in India on iOS 6 Beta? We think it is! [Screenshot]

It was yesterday when Apple seeded their first iOS 6 Beta for developers and it was already assumed by many people that the service might not work for Indian people. Although we couldn’t try the service by ourselves, but CloudJedi_ on twitter has posted a screenshot where you can see that the recently introduced Navigation from Apple is working pretty well. Similar to all other navigation applications, it uses the turn by turn directions when the starting point and the destination is defined.

As claimed by the user, it shows the routes which could be chosen for the destination, depending on the road which makes the travel less time consuming. To try out the navigation application, the person has marked the nearest place which is just 1.9 Km away and Apple maps application shows the estimate of 53 minutes by its calculations on a specific route. Needless to say, we might need to wait a tad longer until the 3D service becomes functional in future. 

If you are not an iOS developer and wants to try out the all new Apple maps application by yourself, all you need to do is to wait unit fall. Also, it’s rumored that Apple Maps application uses openStreetMaps and collaborated with Tom Tom to provide the best navigation experience in the world. Have you tried the feature yet? Let’s know about what do you think about it in the comment section.

Stay tuned for more!

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