Mac OS X Mountain Lion Will Be Available For Download in July, Has 200 New Features

In WWDC 2012 keynote yesterday by Apple, they demoed some of the key features of Mountain Lion and told to push the final release for all over the world via Mac App Store next month. Undoubtedly, Mac OS X Lion went on sale during the same month last year and plethora of people download it through internet. However, unlike other iOS updates, it was a heavy download with Gigabytes of data.

If you have used any of the iDevices, you already know about many of the features of Mac OS X Mountain Lion. This OS primarily focused on deep integration of iCloud, integrated on almost every app. So that all of your Apple products remain in sync whenever you make change on one of the devices. Mountain Lion has now Reminders, Notes iMessages and intact Notification Center from iOS which is integrated all into the OS X. The notification center can be invoked through a swipe gesture on the left with two fingers. It’s really simple.

Similar to iOS 6, Mountain Lion brings direct way to post status and tweets through the notification center. Powernap is another features which lets you update and run applications even when your netbooks are in sleep mode. It even backs up your device without the being bothered about it at intervals. Dictation can be activated from anywhere inside the application or web browser due to its massive system integration into the OS. Sharing has been enabled for the quick sharing in majority of the applications.

Airplay mirrors your Mac OS X screen on your TV using Apple TV. Game Center works on cross platforms, that is, from iDevices to Mac OS X. Hence, if you want to play a game which is available on both the devices, you can do it with Game Center. Gatekeeper protect your system from installing anyone any unsigned application (Those which haven’t been downloaded from Mac App Store). It keeps malware attacks and assure extended security to Mac OS X.

Safari has gone onto a whole level. Thanks to the Smart Search and Tab View. And of course, an all new version for China which support altogether different services. You can get more information on Apple official webpage. It would be available in July at a price tag of $19.99. Would you buy it? Let’s know your thoughts in comment section.

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