One Awesome Thing in iOS 6 Which You Might Not Notice inside Music Application

I presume that till now you would have gone through all the key features of iOS 6. Even though iOS 6 has 200 new features, it’s next to impossible to dig out all of them at one sight. You would need to have experience from the iOS 5.0 to know where the actual difference lies. However, most of them are very much noticeable. Here, it would tell you one the awesome thing in iOS 6 which you might not notice while using the mobile operating system.

This feature would make you remember why Apple is known for the massive detail in its products. Doesn’t matter even if it’s software or hardware. If you are an iOS developer and have iOS 6 installed on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, just open up the native Music application, select a song and play. While the song is playing, you must be inside the music player with a volume knob to increase/decrease the volume at the bottom and one at the top to fast forward or backward the song using fingers.

Now, concentrate on the volume knob. It definitely has a silver-ish look which you generally hold to manipulate the volume. This is where that awesome thing lies. Hold the phone in your hands, move from left to right and checkout the change in the reflection of the volume knob. What did you see? The knob must be showing the change in its reflection with respect to the movement. This is the finest example of Apple’s caring about its software even when no one may ever notice it.

It is happening due to the gyroscope technology which Apple introduced with iPhone 4. However, we didn’t see much of its implementation in the games and other applications, but Apple has made something distinct and amazing in its Music Application. We just fell in love with this minute level of detail. Although it’s not possible to get the screenshot of the gyro effect. But we have taken the screenshot of the music application where you can checkout the knob.

You can check this out later when Apple release iOS 6 this fall for all over the world to download. Let’s know what do you think about it in the comment section. We would like to hear from you about it.

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