Updates on App Store in iOS 6 Shows Changes in New Version Of The Applications [Screenshot]

We all know that iOS 6 has brought many UI improvements in iOS 6 after the acquisition of a discoverability application called Chomp. Well, the UI improvements are not the only changes we see in iOS 6. In addition to them, you could see that the App Store doesn’t jump over to home screen every time you tap to install an application on App Store. Another change which have noticed is the ability to show you changes in the new version of applications under the update tab.

Unlike before, where you had to open up the application in a separate window to check the changes in application before you update, iOS 6 brings you the feature right in the update section. When you are on update tab, you would notice a small text beneath an application which says ‘new version’ with an arrow. Tapping on that arrow would open up only the changes right in the update section tab. There are many reasons why some people needed this feature always.

One of the reason is the fact that if you own an iPhone 3GS or a non-retina device,  you wouldn’t update apps which have only a retina display support. Another one could be minor bug fixes which might be experienced by certain people and you are not one of them. Hence, you would definitely skip the update if it consumes a lot of bandwidth.

Have you checked this feature yet? Let’s know in the comment section. We will come up with many more hidden new features on iOS 6. Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section.


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