First Glimpse of Tweetbot for Mac On A Retina Display Macbook Pro [Image]

It was pretty much expected that either today or tomorrow, the developer team at tweetbot would extend its iOS based twitter client to Mac as well. After the downtime of twitter for couple of minutes, the image has appeared on twitter account of the designer of the application. Fortunately, the image was captured while the person in the team was testing on a retina display Macbook Pro.

This is clear indication that the Tweetbot for Mac would support the retina graphics from the day one. Since the release of twitter clients for iOS, tweetbot has proved to be successful in providing the unified experiences among all devices whether it’s iPad or iPhone. Although the application is not universal, but it serves the purpose of being a completely different and most beautiful twitter client on App Store.

With Tweetbot now heading towards Mac, we have a feeling that it would do the same to Mac OS X users as well. Due to the fact that it would support retina display on new Macbook pro from day one, no twitter client could be able to match the user experience at all. On Mac, the various twitter clients available are Echofon, Twitter for Mac, Twitterific, Tweetie, etc.

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