LunaTik is Extending Their Premium Protection Range To iPhone With TakTik

After the release of sixth generation iPod nano from Apple, everybody came up with an idea to make wristband for them. The sole reason was the fact that those iPod nano, for the first time could be used as a watch slipped into a wristband to hold it easily. LunaTik was one of the company that made premium range of wristband for the iPod nano with metal in the middle and rubber band to wrap it around your wrist.


Now, LunaTik have decided to extend their premium protection range to iPhone with TakTik. It’s not yet another iPhone case like you usually come across on stores. TakTik case for iPhone is stylish and at the same time, provides complete protection for your iPhone. Doesn’t matter whether you have dropped off your iPhone while doing some work or walking on the road, TakTik case assures you that your iPhone remains safe. It’s robust, embedded with Gorilla Glass lens in front to protect the display, shockproof, has acoustic ports, gasket plugs and silent switches. 

For more, you can checkout the video, where the person does all the thing which an individual could face with his or iPhone in daily life. All the way from the water protection and thrashing the iPhone on concrete place, the results have been phenomenal. LunaTik also claims that the TakTik cover for the iPhone 5 would be available whenever it make its way through the App Stores in addition to the cases for iPhone 4/4S.

Check here for more information about the color, prices and Gorilla Glass lens options.


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