Former Apple Employee is Now Facebook's New Product Design Manager

There has always been rumors that Facebook might build its own smartphone to compete with Apple and Google. Due to which it had acquired tones of Apple employees, according to report from New York Times. Recently, a former Apple employee named Chris Weeldreyer  who had worked for Apple since November 2003 has joined Facebook team as a Product Design Manager, says 9to5Mac.

Chris Weeldreyer has been into Apple for about 8 years. His contribution includes multi-touch, iWeb and some others gestures related inventions which are now patented by the company. This frequent recruitment  in Facebook team from the fruit based company fuels those rumors of Facebook secretly trying to manufacture its own phone. Also, similar to Apple, it appears that Facebook would want to have full control over its smartphone whether it’s software or hardware.

The news was confirmed through his Facebook Timeline which showed his current place of work. This would probably help Facebook to build an industrial design or design of the user interface in its upcoming smartphone to be revolutionary. What do you think about it? Is it just a coincidence or Facebook is actually cooking something in its HeadQuarters?

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