Is Google Maps Application Coming To iOS Through App Store?

In a comment on Google+, Google’s SVP Jeff Huber said that Google look forward to provide an amazing maps experience on iOS. Since Apple has dethroned Google maps application from iOS 6, it was expected that Google would want to release a standalone application through App Store which would serve as an alternative for those who need it. Also, Google could take a step forward and integrate Navigation service as well.

At this point of time, Apple maps application is unusable for many people. Specifically, in India, the drill down for detail is pathetic. You couldn’t see many of the streets and places when you zoom in inside the Apple maps application. It’s definitely a good news for those who still want to replace Apple maps with Google maps in near future when iOS 6 goes public. Moreover, Google has announced reduction in its Google Maps API pricing followed by high profile defects from the service.

It seems that Google Maps in iOS would arrive a tad sooner than later. Hence, folks concerned about Apple Maps replacing the Google maps in iOS 6 shouldn’t be worried anymore. Google surely has something planned for the release in App Store provided that Apple approve it soon. Let’s know about your thoughts in the comment section. We would like to hear from you.

Image credit – TNW.

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