3G Toggle is Back With iOS 6 Beta 2

When Apple pushed iOS 6 Beta, they disabled the 3G toggle button for both iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. But now, that 3G toggle button has returned with their next iOS 6 Beta update which is supposedly iOS 6 Beta 2. For people who had been facing issues with battery life because they couldn’t toggle OFF 3G from settings or had bad signal reception should update to iOS 6 Beta 2 now.

If you have updated to iOS 6 Beta 2, navigate to Settings>General>Cellular and notice that there’s now a 3G toggle button in addition to cellular data and data roaming. Needless to say, it’s nothing new which has happened with iOS 6 Beta 2. Even in stock firmware of iOS 5 for iPhone 4S, the 3G toggle had been missing for quite long time. Once people reported issues, mainly with battery life, Apple implemented in upcoming software updates.

Would you update to iOS 6 Beta 2 for it? We will let you know about more changes in iOS 6 Beta 2. Stay tuned!

PS: Only developers should update to iOS 6 Beta 2. The software is not meant for non-developers. 

Image Credit – iDB.

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