Google+ For iPad To Debut On App Store Soon

In Google I/O yesterday, Apple showcased Google+ for tablets which would debut on App Store soon. Currently, Google+ application which is available on App Store is not universal. It means it would not make use of the large display of the iPad even if you install it through App Store. Not anymore because Google has assured that they have made a tablet version as well.

It might be the right occasion for Google to release a Google+ application for iPad, due to the fact that they have launched their own Nexus 7 tablet which would be available for purchase in US and several other countries in mid-July. Now, one thing is quite confirmed that Google would consistently make applications for tablet since they have their own tablet manufactured in collaboration with Asus.

Needless to say, Google+ for tablets is already been released by Google. The only issue with the Google+ is that it remain as icon forever. No one actually uses it when all of your friends circle is on Facebook these days. Anyways, we hope that someday it would gain same popularity like Facebook. Are you excited for it?

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