Chrome For iOS is Already in The Top Charts Of Free Application On App Store

It’s been only one day since Google has launched their Chrome application for iOS and now this application is on top charts of free application on App Store. Although it doesn’t match with the Chrome application on Android, primarily due to Apple restriction to develop browser using iOS SDK. Google has managed to conquer hearts of people who always wanted to try out the Chrome experience on their iDevices.


We have tried out the application ourselves. It’s a decent alternative to mobile Safari application build into iOS. However, there are many similar alternatives available such as Diigo Browser (formerly known as iChromy), Dolphin HD etc which offers the same functionality. But at one place where Chrome for iOS wins hands down is its ability to sync across multiple devices like Android, iOS, PC/Mac and so on.

We know that the chances are pretty less, but still if you haven’t tried Chrome for iOS yet, you are definitely missing something. Tell us what features of Chrome for iOS do you like in comments section. We want to hear from you.

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