Google Search vs Siri Compared in A Video

At Google I/O, Google introduced us with a Google Search engine made from the ground up to arrive as a default search engine in Jellybean (Android 4.1). Before it hits some of the existing devices in mid-july, we bring you a comparison video between Google search and Apple’s Siri. It’s pretty much clear that revamped Google search was developed to take on Siri which is the only reason why iPhone 4S is being sold by Apple in millions.


TenchoBuffalo has come up with a video where they have compared Google search and Siri head to head. On iOS 6, Apple must be bringing some new features to Siri and the voice-assistant to new iPad. But Google already seems to have plunged further from the competition with its newly made Google search in Android devices. According to the reviewer, the Google search engine doesn’t seem robotic and it’s much more fluent than Apple’s Siri.

It seriously blew them away when they tested both voice assistants. Although Apple’s iOS 6 is not public yet, but it already appears to lack behind in front of new Google search. Is this Google’s answer to Apple’s much hyped Siri? Let’s know your thoughts in comments.