Launch Google Voice Search On iPhone Using This Tweak [JailBreak]

While iOS users couldn’t get the improved Google voice search in Jellybean, an iOS hacker has figured out a way to use a tweak called VoiceSearch which lets you invoke the Google voice search from anywhere in the device. The google voice search can be launched quickly with the help of activator which is configured under the

The activator has various options to choose from to launch a tweak quickly either using gestures or combination of hardware buttons. You could assign multiple activation methods for different tweaks as well. If you own an iPhone 4, iPod touch 4 or iPad 2, you should definitely give it a shot, considering that you don’t have Apple’s voice assistant known as Siri.

VoiceSearch could turn out to be handy if you don’t want to go over to mobile Safari for the search and then type in. Once the tweak is installed and the activation method is assigned, all you have to do is to dictate the Google voice search and everything would happen within couple of seconds. Have you already tried out VoiceSearch?

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