Google Places Rebranded As Google+ Local, Adds Voice Search Functionality

Google places application has gained a lot of popularity since its launch. Google, indeed integrated the experience in Google+ for the check-ins when they launched the social networking site. Now, they have rebranded their Places application on iOS to be called as Google+ Local. This is not only a rebranding, instead it comes up in the form of an update with bug fixes and additional features.

 If you want to search for a place, you can launch the voice search and dictate everything instantly. Doesn’t matter if it only a request or a query, Google+ places would respond to you in fraction of seconds, depending upon the speed of your internet connection. Also, there’s a new UI for the places which are not in your vicinity or nearby. Some security improvements using the OAuth2 login.


In addition to it, some bug fixes are there as well. You should dig out inside the application for more tiny details. If you own the previous version, you don’t need to download whole of the application again, just checkout the update section in App Store. Otherwise, get it from the link below: