Smaller, Cheaper iPad From Apple? Really? Unlikely!

Google is out with its Nexus 7 and the tablet market is showing signs of heating up. Apple has largely dominated the reincarnation of an old mobile computer concept ever since the iPad came out in 2010. Competitors ranging from PC makers like Lenovo, HP & DELL and mobile makers like RIM Blackberry, Motorola & Samsung have tried their hands on a tablet, but none have gotten close to the dominance of Apple iPad. Microsoft incidentally is promising more on the tablet front than mobile with the new Surface tablet, however the same is still some distance from a consumer release.

Apple iPad Mini

 Amazon got some traction with the Kindle Fire and while and upgrade is expected, Google has its Nexus 7 lined up to heat the competition on the 7″ front. The biggest criticism of the Nexus 7? Lack of apps of course! With a larger screen iPhone expected to be out sometime in September / October, is there a space between the 9.7″ iPad and the iPhone? A smaller / cheaper iPad? 

Technically the smaller iPad if at all it comes out can run a resolution of 1024×768 and run all apps made for the original iPad. However given the fragile competition in the tablets space, it is unlikely that Apple would venture into a smaller tablet. Cheaper and mass sales can’t be a motivation for Apple. Competition neither. I once made a case in favor of a 7″ tablet. I still think that it is a good market, comfortable for reading and many would want it. But is there a burning need for me to skip a 9.7″ tablet and go for a smaller one? No.

The only question for any rumor claiming a smaller iPad has to answer the utility question. Justify the need for a smaller tablet. Not speak about the competition. Bloomberg has its stake on a smaller iPad, we aren’t quite convinced though.

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