WSJ: Apple Suppliers Are Preparing For The Mass Production Of Smaller Tablet in September

After Bloomberg who earlier told that Apple would unveil a 7-8 inch iPad in October, WSJ sources have come into play and inquired that Apple suppliers are preparing for the mass production of a smaller tablet which could be unveiled in October. According to WSJ, people associated with the matter said that the screen size of the smaller iPad would be lesser than 8 inches.

Previously, WSJ had told that Apple was testing a mini iPad in it labs. Although they were not sure about the size of the screen, but it was smaller than what we see in the current generation iPads. Also, there had  been rumors from quite sometime that Apple might release a smaller sized tablet to compete with its rivals Microsoft and Google.

If this news turns out to be true, then Apple might unveil its low cost tablet with smaller screen along with new iPhone or iPhone 5. It’s very much unlikely that Apple would hold a separate event just for the unveiling of smaller tablet. Would you be interested in buying one for yourself? Let’s know in the comment section.

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