Is Apple Distributing Corrupt App Store Binaries For The Recently Released Applications?

Apple’s App Store is considered as one of the finest and refined App Store in the world for mobile devices. Every application submitted to the App Store has to undergo a review process before it appears on App Store. From few days, something unusual is happening with the developers who have submitted their applications on the App Store. Folks who have downloaded the updates have faced crashing issues continuously even after a clean install.

However, from the developers point of view, they had submitted a fully functional update which was throughly tested prior to submission. Now, from where does the issue had arrived? These developers have suspected that there’s an issue with Apple’s App Store binary distribution system. After being aware of this problem, Marco Arment of Instapaper who’s also a victim of this corrupt App Store binaries started ranting on twitter about it.

It was then he figured out that he was not the only victim of this issue. There are several other developers who had been facing this problem from quite sometime. So if you have reviewed any application lately or have given 1 star to an application, you should consider manipulating it soon. At the end of day, only developers are the sufferers, not Apple. They might lose trust of many of their customers.

Undoubtedly, this issue is also regional dependent. Hence, it’s not necessary that the issue would occur to your region as well. If an application is suffering from corrupt App Store binaries, it shows a black page when opened and crashes instantly. It doesn’t even show the default wallpaper inside the application.

To know about the applications suffering with this issue and details, checkout here. Let’s know what do you think in the comment section.