Is Apple Planning To Release A New Version Of iPad 3?

Digitimes, a Chinese news site has claimed of an unverified information from supply chains that Apple has ordered a new version of battery and an increased size in lens hole for the new iPad 3. Though the source is still unverified there is scope of possibility to the claim.

The new iPad (iPad 3) was released by Apple in March 2012 with it’s much improved retina display and better graphics. Since the time of launch there were many users and reports claiming that the new iPad heats up more than the iPad 2. Consumer reports confirmed this officially as well but other reports claim that the new iPad is still cooler than most Android tables and mobile phones. Apple dismissed the problem as saying the temperatures are still within the operation limits.

Digitimes claims that Apple is preparing a new version of battery for iPad 3 which is rumored to be lighter in weight and slimmer than the current battery. The main advantage of the new battery is that it will not heat up as much as the current battery does. This is still an unverified leak that has been published. Digitimes has a repute for publishing even the smallest of rumors which might not turn out to be true.

While we do feel the need of a new battery we are clueless as to what the need is for an enlarged lens hole. Stay tuned for more updates.