Apple Security Breached : Trojan Horse Found In AppStore App

Now, we know this might come as big surprise to all of you, but Yes a Trojan Horse has been found in an app called Find and Call. It had been reported in a blog by Kaspersky Security earlier this morning.

Once installed the app would ask you to register using your email address. Then it will ask your permission to ‘find friends from phonebook’. In the background it will discreetly upload your entire contacts to its server.

The app then sends SMS messages to all your contacts with a download link of the app. The message is sent using your number so the receiver does not doubt the message and is more likely to use the link.

The app has been removed from both Google PlayStore and the AppStore as well. But what is worrying is how the app went past Apple’s tight scrutiny. This leaves the door open to doubts as to how many such apps might already be present in the AppStore.

So what do you guy think : did this app appear in the AppStore as fluke or is Apple AppSelection Team sleeping? let us know in the comments section.

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