Creativity Unleashed. Tiny Wings 2 Coming Soon!

So says the twitter account for the one-man success story of Andreas Illiger, creator and developer of one of the hottest iOS games of the past year and a half, Tiny Wings. Tiny wings hasn’t been updated since September of last year, so we can only assume that Illiger has been working on this new project, or others, since then. While the tweet mentions the number two, the video does not, referring to the new iOS title as “The New Tiny Wings.”

Tiny Wings is undoubtedly one special and famous game. It most probably is the only game that remained in top 10 charts of App Store for a considerable time and has been developed by just on person. You heard it right, it has been conceptualized and developed by just one person, Andreas Illiger.
It has been almost year and a half since this game has been launched and there were no updates since last September. The developer recently announced a new version of the games. All new Tiny Wings 2 which will be launched pretty soon. One thing we liked about it is the simple and yet very creative trailer that has been made for this game. All it has is a paper rolling and another tiny paper bird flying. Don’t miss this video.



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