FoldMusic via Cydia Lets You Make Playlist Folders On iPhone

Cydia has been a wonderful way out for iOS hackers to surpass apple restrictions and tweak iOS in such a way which had never been possible before. There had been many tweaks released in Cydia which provides you the functionality to play music from notification center or from system files. But FoldMusic via Cydia is completely different from those previous tweaks. FoldMusic lets you create folders of your favorite playlists which could be done right from the settings.

Once you have installed FoldMusic, go to settings>FoldMusic and add the albums or playlists to include them in the form of a folder on springboard. Nevertheless, those playlists could be played directly from the springboard with the help of integrated play, pause, fast forward or backward options. You can even airplay the songs from the playlists folders itself. 

It can be downloaded from Cydia at a price point of $1.50. Also, it’s not compatible with folder enhance. So if you have folder enhance installed, you shouldn’t use the FoldMusic because both the tweaks would conflict with each other and cause problems on your iPhone. Have you tried it already? Our comment section is always open for you.


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