iOS 6 Beta 3 Could Arrive Today, iOS 6 Beta 2 Expires On 31 July

It comes in the form of a rumor, but it is highly expected that Apple would seed iOS 6 Beta 3 via OTA to developers today. As per a tweet from iH8sn0w, iOS 6 Beta 2 would expire on 31 July which is way sooner than anyone would have predicted. Apple now pushes iOS 6 Betas through Over The Air updates rather than making them available on developer portals first.

If you are an iOS developer, you should know about the deadline of the expiration date of iOS 6 Beta 2. However, normal users need to wait for fall until the final version hits iTunes. iOS 5.0 had undergone eight iOS 5.0 betas before the software made public, thus becoming one of the longest beta period ever for any iOS software till now.

Undoubtedly, same could happen with iOS 6 as well. Perhaps, we could see nine iOS 6 Betas in coming future. iOS 6 Beta 3 is expected at 10am PST. In the past, iH8sn0w had leaked release dates of iOS Betas which have turned out to be true. So get ready to download iOS 6 Beta 3 soon. What do you think?

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