Will Rovio Be Coming Up With Angry Pigs?

Angry Birds has been a monumental hit for Rovio, it featured a simple yet addictive gameplay. The success was carried forward by variations in the game Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio and the latest release Angry Birds Space. But now Rovio seems to be planning to add a whole new perspective to the game. It’s going to be from the pigs perspective.

The idea of the new game will see you trying to protect the eggs you’ve grabbed from the birds, but still feature a catapult and the now famous wooden and stone structures.

The Idea of the new game will be to protect the eggs that pigs have stolen from the birds. We just hope to see flying pigs hitting the birds this time. Rovio has announced that just like in Angry Birds there will be different kinds of pigs with different kinds of powers and skills. Who knows, may be the birds are the bad guys in this new game!

Rovio also announced its next release, Angry Alex based on a whole new and interesting gameplay. Hope to see these new titles to be as good as Angry Birds is. Amazing Alex is expected to be released in the coming months and the new version of Angry Birds with pigs is expected to be released by Christmas time.

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