iOS 6 Code Indicates Maps Integration In Intel-based Macs

With iOS 6 Apple showed us their all new Maps App. Since the developers have been trying to study the codes to discover how far Apple is planning to go with the app. Apple already showed off Yelp integration, turn-by-turn navigation, and the 3D flyover mode, and it appears to be utilizing a new Avenir typeface.

But today Techpp posted a code dump which was discovered by the developer Cody Cooper, which hints at a possible Maps integration in OS X. in a certain XML file there is to a set of  Intel-based graphic chipset  with certain features such as Shading disabled.

Though it does not give any substantial proof of proper appplication for Mac but it does open doors for integration with core apps in Mountain Lion. the geo-tagging feature of iPhoto might very well integrate with the iOS Maps. right now we can only guess and try and find out more clues. Mountain Lion is supposed to release this month-end and things will get pretty clear then.