Google Releases Code To Open Urls Inside Applications On Chrome For iOS

Due to Apple restrictions, you could definitely not assign Chrome for iOS as your default browser. But now Google gives you an option to embed their code inside applications to open urls inside Chrome. The code is pre-written for developers by Google and iOS developers might want to have a look at it for the integration. Whenever a user would click on the link or url, it would automatically be opened in Chrome for iOS.

Chrome for iOS saw an overwhelming response in the App Store. Within a day of release, it became no. 1 application in  the top free category of applications of App Store. Undoubtedly, it tells you how many people had been looking for the alternative eagerly. However, many won’t find themselves using it too often, but this effort from Google might remind them that they have a noteworthy alternative installed in their iOS device for the mobile safari. 

If you are a developer, you could update your application with this new Chrome scheme for iOS. Do you like the idea? Let’s know your thoughts in the comments section. Here is the link of the code.

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