Say Hello To Tweetbot For Mac, Alpha Version Released!

Developers of Tweetbot have finally come up with the Mac version of the application which has gained a lot of traction on iOS devices. If you ask anyone about the best twitter client on an iDevice, chances are that the person would recommend Tweetbot over other twitter clients in the App Store. With their alpha release of Tweetbot for Mac, it aimed to conquer hearts of those people using Mac OS X again.

Since it’s an alpha version, we don’t expect it to have all the functionality enabled. Alpha means it’s not even entered into its beta (pre-release) stage where you could see everything integrated like the client in iPhone/iPad. But i have to say this, developers have done a marvelous job even when Tweetbot for Mac is not near to stage of final release. Although the sound system doesn’t work yet, they have integrated same gestures which we use on our iDevices. And surprisingly, they work as well.

You can try out Tweetbot for Mac by yourself through this link. I think you would like the twitter client more if you won’t build your expectations. Remember, Tweetbot for Mac is is in alpha version and the final release is very far away. The interface is similar to iDevices. In fact, sometimes, you would feel that the same version has been ported to Mac.

Whatever the case is, Tweetbot for Mac definitely has the capability to replace your favorite twitter client even in alpha stage. What do you think? Let’s know in comments section.