Apple Could Announce iPhone 5 On 7 August

Similar to last year, many people have predicted that Apple might announce iPhone 5 in October. However, according to Know Your Mobile, Apple would announce iPhone 5 on 7th August. Also, there’s no news wether iOS 6 release has been pushed as well or not. Since Apple told about the release this fall, they could have meant August through it.

Needless to say, Apple would hold an event for the launch of iPhone 5 either in October or August. This event would mainly target to unveil next iteration of iPhone or perhaps, an iPad mini which is being reported by many other sources. Anyways, we are not really sure if Apple has planned a bigger iPod touch or a smaller iPad or something else about which we are not even aware till now.

If that doesn’t happen, launch of iPhone is still imminent. Last year, Apple announced iPhone 4S on 4th of October which was already a delay in their usual schedule. Apple’s shift in strategy to push iPhone 5 announcement could be to hype the sales for the holiday season. This might not be a welcomed changed, but this is what Apple is all about. Most of the times, they are unpredictable.

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