66% Of New Buyers Now Opting for Smartphones, Reports Nielson

The smartphone market is growing bigger and bigger. With manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Motorola and Apple Inc bringing the latest hardware specs and great multi-tasking OS, smartphones and tablets are rapidly replacing the PC. With smartphones these days capable of doing almost every task one can imagine, from Business to Mails; Photography to travelling the smartphones are the most in demand gadgets right now. With the Apple AppStore and Google’s PlayStore developers keep adding more functionality to the respective OS, you practically have an app to do any task you can think of.

Thus it was but natural that 54.9% of US mobile subscribers are using smartphones. Android is the market leader with a 51.8% market share spread across different manufacturer devices. Apple has a comfy 34% percent share while Blackberry manages just 8.1%. Since Apple makes their own hardware and software they have the largest manufacturer sales. According to Nielson among recent acquirers who obtained their smartphone during June 2012, 54 percent said they chose an Android handset and 36 percent bought an iPhone.

So which is your favorite smartphone platform and why do you love it? Let us know in the comments section.

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