AppAnalytics via Cydia Tracks Time Spend On Each Application On Your iPhone

Although not through the App Store, but there’s an application via Cydia called AppAnalytics which lets you track the time spend on each application on your iPhone. In fact, you could know how many times you have launched a particular application. At the end of the month, AppAnalytics generate reports which allow you to know the most popular application in a month depending upon the your usage.

It’s a very handy way to know which application you need to delete on your iPhone. Most of the times, we act as hoarders and don’t even use all of the applications. Due to which we run out of the memory and wonder which application to delete from our iPhone. In situations like these, it would help you delete the less used or least popular application in your iPhone through AppAnalytics.

If you are on a JailBroken phone, you should download AppAnalytics right away. It has been priced at $0.99, but could turn out to be one of the most useful application on your iPhone. Have you tried it already? Our comment section awaits for your reply.