New York Times: Apple is Developing A 7.85 inch iPad, Likely To Launch For A Significantly Low Price

When some of the most credible sources over the web had claimed that Apple is all set to unveil a smaller tablet to rival its competitors in the market, there were assumptions that many others would join the league as well. Now, NYT sources have confirmed that Apple’s surely developing a 7.85 inch iPad which would be sold for a significantly low price point. It would help Apple to capture the tablet marketshare in 7 inch segment.

Undoubtedly, Apple is doing great with its 9 inch iPad. But the company might think that they can make the tablet more attractive if they could offer at a price which is lesser than $499. There are people who want to carry the tablet out with themselves in their pocket or purses. Since they couldn’t do it because the size of the tablet is huge, this issue might be solved by an iPad mini to be unveiled this year.

Apple’s competitors such as Microsoft and Google have recently unveiled their 7 inch tablets called Microsoft Surface and Nexus 7 respectively. Out of which, Nexus 7 is already selling in US and we have heard a pretty good response from the customers. This tells that there’s definitely a demand for a 7.xx inch where Apple could make a difference.

If Apple holds an iPhone event in August, there’s a high probability that they would release both an iPad mini and next iPhone in the same event. Well, we are also not sure if Apple would called it an iPad mini, a bigger iPod touch or introduce a whole new category. Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section. Do you want a smaller tablet from Apple desperately?


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