AT&T To Charge Customers For FaceTime Over Cellular?

Since AT&T charge customers a certain amount to work personal hotspot on iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and new iPad. It’s assumed that same could happen with the FaceTime which has just got cellular in addition to Wifi for new iPad and iPhone 4S. Though iOS 6 is in beta 3, AT&T had been reportedly working with Apple to work on the particular feature. This was confirmed when a message popped up in iOS 6 Beta 3 after the network settings were reset, reports 9to5Mac.

However, according to Techcrunch, AT&T’s CEO Randall Stephenson responded about this rumor and said that it’s too early to talk about pricing. Previously, when this rumor went viral, AT&T provided an official statement on the matter, saying that they are working closely with Apple on iOS 6 and more information would be shared when it will be available. It seems that AT&T doesn’t want to reveal details about anything on this leaked message yet.

But there’s definitely something cooking inside iOS 6 Beta 3 which shows that AT&T would charge for the FaceTime service on cellular network. Surprisingly, the same message didn’t pop up when 9to5Mac tried to reset network settings on a Verizon network in new iPad wifi + cellular. What do you think? Let’s know in comment section.


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