WSJ Reports That New iPhone Display Will be Thinner, Will Use In-cell Tech

WSJ reports that the next-gen iPhone will be using a new display technology dubbed as in-cell technology. This new feature will help Apple trim some fat off the iPhone’s display. The next iPhone, popularly called as iPhone 5 is being manufactured by Asian companies and Apple is trying to push all the latest tech in its flagship handheld device to give stiff competition to its rivals.

The new display is reportedly being developed by Sharp Corp, Japan Inc and LG Display Co. The technology integrates touch sensors into the LCD, making it unnecessary to have a separate touch-screen layer. The absence of the layer, usually about half-a-millimeter thick, not only makes the whole screen thinner, but improves the quality of displayed images

The current iPhone is 9.3mm and this new display will definitely make it sleeker. The technology would also help Cupertino giant to reduce to supply-chain costs and diminish its reliance on Samsung Inc for display.Samsung has been using its own OLED display on its flagship device Galaxy SIII which is thinner than the iPhone. OLED displays don’t require back-lighting and tend to be thinner than conventional LCD.

The next-gen iPhone is expected to launch in fall and is rumored to sport a 4-in display, mini dock connector and LTE support.