Sparrow is Being Acquired By Google, One of The Best Email Client On iOS & Mac OS X

This comes in the form of surprise. Google has recently acquired Sparrow. One of the best email client on iPhone and Mac OS X which has been on the top charts of App Store and Mac App Store for a while. However, this doesn’t mean that Sparrow would stop being a standalone email client and will be taken down in future. It will continue to exist for the customers who want to purchase it from the respective stores.

 In addition to it, Sparrow has confirmed that it won’t be pushing out any new features. Instead, there would be bug fixes for the client. Sparrow has a great user interface which could see its implementation in upcoming updates of Gmail for iOS and Android. Also, Sparrow has been previously trying to support push notifications through subscriptions that could ultimately become free after this acquisition.

Since Sparrow has an iPad application in the development, will it be released in the App Store? We are not sure about what Google has planned through this acquisition for its widely used Gmail client on various devices. Let’s know what do you think about it in comment section. Check here for more.

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